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Microscope Soviet

LOMO Biolam Binocular Stereo Microscope Vintage Made in USSR w/case, accessories


USSR School Microscope Set ШМ-1 / SHM-1


Microscope MBI-1 Soviet Antique Vintage USSR 1952 #05938


CCCP microscope vintage Soviet


MICROSCOPE NOS-USSR.MBU-4А.Biological microscope simplified.ZENITH factory.1980s


MFN-11 nozzle for LOMO microscope of the USSR


LOMO - The comparison nozzle for the microscope. OKS-1 (USSR). Condition new


Vintage Retro Soviet Microscope for kids NATURALIST with Box and Accessories


Soviet Vintage ussr microscope MPB 2 24x


Vintage Collectible Russian Soviet Medical Children's MICROSCOPE Model Toy


Soviet Microscope MPB - 2. USSR.


Kohler Illuminator OI-36 LOMO USSR for a microscope POLAM and etc.


Optical filters from the LOMO microscope, the USSR set


Soviet Vintage objective lens 8, 20, 20 x 0.40 microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS


Microscope, binocular nozzle AU-12 LOMO, USSR + eyepieces


Soviet Microscope MPB - 2


lens microscope MBS-200 or MSSO lomo USSR


USSR Soviet Russia Wooden Box of Microscope Laboratory Parts


Pairs of eyepieces of a microscope or 6.25H fo MCCOMBS-200 USSR lomo d = 40mm


Eyepieces Microscope SET K7x K10x K15x and Lens 90x 1.25 Oil LOMO USSR


Soviet Vintage objective lens 95 x 1.25 190 For microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS


Condenser from the POLAM microscope, LOMO, USSR


Ancient vintage microscope world of LOMO in a wooden case of the USSR


for a microscope lens UF 5X LOMO USSR уф 5х.


lens for the microscope 4.7X0.11 (190) LOMO USSR (П)


Soviet Microscope MPB - 2 USSR


Soviet Vintage objective lens APOHR F-17,7 A-0.30 for microscope LOMO ZEISS




microphotoset for microscope MBS-1, MBS-2 of the USSR, MFN-5, LOMO


Transformer 8V 20W, for the microscope mbs-10, mbs-9, the USSR


the microscope stage - USSR / LOMO


Three Soviet Vintage microscope lens objectives F=8.2 0.37 F=6.2 0.65 F=2.8 1.0


Rare & Vintage USSR Binocular/Stereo Microscope BM-51-2 W/Stand Box & Lenses


MICROPHOTO-SITTING MFN-1 (MFH) USSR lens mounted microscope 1955 year


LOMO microscope lenses + condenser / made in USSR


Soviet Vintage objective lens F =23.2 x 0.17 For microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS


for 15x Microscope Microscope Eyepiece USSR Eyepiece 15 Short 2 pieces


Microscope, LOMO adapter, USSR. Coupling, Photo


Microscope Lens 3pcs Set in Box Soviet Russia USSR


monocular microscope LOMO floors, USSR


Soviet Vintage objective lens F - 2.8 x 1.25 For microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS


Soviet Vintage objective lens 40 x 0.65 190 For microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS


microscope, monocular LOMO, USSR


Vintage USSR Soviet Microscope Stand Vertical Screw


Soviet Vintage objective lens LOT OF 2 ITEMS For microscope LOMO ZEISS RMS