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Microscope Lomo 37

LOMO condenser for polarizing microscope Pol D=37mm


LOMO Biolam microscope support condenser M37


LOMO POL Condenser for Polarizing Microscope Olympus (d=37,2mm)


Microscope objective F=8.2 0,37 Epi Achromat 27mm #611309 LOMO


Condenser light Abbe KOH-3 A=1,2 to microscope LOMO D=37 mm


LOMO Epi Achromat objective F=8,2 0,37 microscope M27 Zeiss


LOMO Epi Achromat objective F-8,2 0,37 microscope M27 Zeiss


LOMO POL condenser A.-1,2 polarizing microscope ZEISS Olympus (d=37mm)


Condenser light GAMMA Hungary A=1,2 to microscope D=37 mm / Carl Zeiss / LOMO


LOMO ultraviolet condenser UV УФ A - 0,2 no achrom microscope Olympus ZEISS d=37