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Lomo Microscope 30

LOMO microscope MBI condenser with support / dovetail mount 30 mm


LOMO Objective for polarizing microscope 30x 0.65 Oil Pol 190mm


LOMO BINOCULAR to microscope Zeiss eyepiece D=30 + 6x 8x 12,5x, eye cups MBS MBC


LOMO Biolam MBI universal MICROSCOPE STAGE + support 33/30 mount / Zeiss


LOMO objective 30x 0,90 IRIS WATER FLUOR, microscope ZEISS


LOMO Eyepiece for microscope 8x 30mm with scale and grids


LOMO APO objective 90x 1,30 Oil Imm microscope Zeiss


LOMO ACHROMAT objective 10x 0,30 microscope


LOMO planachromat objective F=16 0,30 microscope Zeiss


LOMO Microscope Binocular Head D=30mm Telescope Mikroskop Teleskop


Rare LOMO Phase Contrast Condenser KF-5 30x 40x 60x microscope Olympus (d=37mm)


Soviet set of eyepieces LOMO Zeiss microscope MBS MBC D=30 + 6x 8x 12,5x BOX


LOMO Adapter mount from 30 mm tube to 23,2 mm eyepiece polar microscope


lens microscope АПОХР F - 2,79 А -1,30 tube infinity LOMO USSR


LOMO Microscope Polarising Objective 30x 0.65 190 tube Oil Immersion RMS


Comp. 5x K5x eyepiece microscope Zeiss LOMO D=30 mm


LOMO Phase Lumin Fluor objective FL 10x 0,30 microscope Zeiss


LOMO Epi Achromat objective F-13,9 0,30 microscope M27 Zeiss


Polar filter POLARIZING , BLUE , MATT to microscope MIN 7 8 LOMO Zeiss D=55/30mm


LOMO objective 10x 0,30 PHASE FLUOR. microscope ZEISS


LOMO Microscope Objective F-13,9 A-0,30 Infinity Achromat Mikroskop Zeiss


POL Diaphragm for polariizing microscope LOMO ZEISS ( d=30mm)


LOMO Microscope Telescope Binocular Head D30mm Mikroskop Teleskop 30


LOMO Eyepiece 8x with scale ruler microscope MBS MBC 1 2 OGME-P D=30mm


Reichert Austria objective SP Oel 100/1,30 160/0,17 microscope Zeiss LOMO


Extension tube ring Height 30mm Adapter objective microscope D=27 mm LOMO Zeiss


LOMO 3 eyepiece 2x OSh- 5x ORT- 12,5x Polar microscope MIN D=30 mm


Pair 12,5x eyepiece D=30mm microscope MBS MBC 1 2 OGME-P MBI-15 binocular 12,5 x


Pair 6x eyepiece D=30mm microscope MBS MBC 1 2 OGME-P Carl Zeiss


2 Plastic eyecup to microscope eyepiece D=30 mm MBS MBC 1 2 OGME-P


USSR Eyepiece OShG (ОШГ) 5ч 30mm for MP Microscope


LOMO Microscope Objective APO F-15,7 A-0,30 Mikroskop Zeiss For parts