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Dual Channel Preamp

Manley Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier (2 Channel Preamp.)


ART Dual MP - Two Channel Tube Microphone Preamp


pendulum audio sps-1 stereo preamp dual channel preamplifier Acoustic Guitar


Millennia Media HV-3 Dual Channel Mic Preamp with Brüel & Kjær Microphone Option


ART USB Dual Pre Project Series 2 channel Mic Preamp Amp


ART USB Dual Pre Project Series 2 channel Mic Preamp Amp NEW FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING


ART Dual MP 2 Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier


PreSonus MP20 Two Channel Discrete Dual Servo Microphone Preamplifier


M-Audio Buddy Dual Channel Mic Preamp With M-Audio Duo USB Audio Interface


DBX 386 Dual Channel Tube Mic Preamp w/ Digital Out Stereo U108969


Joe Meek TwinQ Dual Channel PhotoOptical Preamp Compressor EQ 2 channel strip


Grace Design m201 Dual Channel Microphone Preamp


Art Dual MP Two Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier


Warm Audio WA273 Dual Channel British Class A Microphone Line Instrument Preamp


MindPrint DTC Dual Tube Channel Analog Preamp/Equalizer/Compresser - SKU#1032511


FRENZEL Dual Channel Rocker 800 Stereo Guitar Tube Preamp. No waiting


Focusrite Red 8 Dual Channel Tube Preamp Great Preamplifier Very Clean


BAE 1073MP Dual-Channel Microphone Preamp with Power Supply


ART Pro Audio - Pro MPA-II Dual Channel Microphone Preamp


ART USB Dual Pre PS 2 Channel Preamp/Computer Interface


Universal Audio 2-610S Silverface Dual-Channel Microphone Preamp


Boss AD-10 Acoustic Dual-Channel Preamp for Acoustic Guitars


JDK Audio R20 | Dual Channel Mic Preamp | Pro Audio LA


Warm Audio WA273-EQ Dual-Channel Mic Preamp and Equalizer New


Presonus BLUE TUBE DP V2 Dual Channel Microphone / Instrument Tube Preamp New


Two Notes LE CLEAN Dual Channel Tube Clean Preamp Pedal


Heritage Audio HA73X2 Elite Dual-Channel Microphone Preamp


Charter Oak Acoustics MPA-1 Dual Channel Microphone Preamp


Chandler Limited TG-2 Dual Channel Mic Preamp with PSU - New! | Atlas Pro Audio


Rolls MP222 Studio Pro Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier


Presonus M80 Eight Channel Discrete Dual Servo Microphone Preamp w/ Summing Bus


Heritage Audio DTT-73 Dual Channel Tabletop Mic Preamp | Atlas Pro Audio


Manley SLAM! Dual-channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier New


A Designs KGB II Two Channel Dual Instrument Pre Amp preamp Guitar Bass Keyboard


ART USBDUALPREPS USB Dual Pre 2 Channel Preamp


TL Audio PA-1 Dual Pentode 2 Channel Valve Pre Amp


K&K Sound Dual Channel Pro Two Channel Guitar Preamp, Dual 1/4" In, 1/4" Out


Grace Design FELiX | Dual Channel Instrument & Mic Preamplifier/DI/EQ | PALA


Warm Audio WA273 Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier