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Byers Christmas Carolers

Byers Choice Carolers / Dickens Series Spirit of Christmas Present 1988 1st edit


Byers Choice Carolers Dickens Series /Spirit Of Christmas Past /1st Edition,1987


Lot of 19 Byers Choice Christmas Carolers Salvation Army 


Byers Choice Pair of Caroling Cats with Christmas tree.


Byers' Byers Choice Christmas Caroler Dogs 5 Pieces 1993 NR


Lot of (4) Byers Christmas Carolers/ Family




Two Byers Choice Carolers 1996 Christmas Carolers


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Boy in Pajamas with Stocking 2000 with Hang Tag *


Byers Santa Christmas Caroler Holding Wicker Basket W/ Gingerbread House


Byers Choice Carolers 2003 Man Victorian Shopper Great for Christmas Displays! b


1985 Byers Choice 12 1/4" Christmas Caroler Woman with Green Coat White Fur Mitt


Byers Choice Caroler from The Carolers Collection 1988 Christmas Figurine Signed


Byers Choice Christmas Caroler 90 Lady w/skates, plaid scarf, red jacket


Byers' Choice Carolers Mrs. Fezziwig, A Christmas Carol Series, Second Edition


Christmas Caroler Figurine-SIMILAR to Byers Choice Caroler


2000 Byers' Choice Christmas Caroler Mrs. Fezziwig Doll With Box JR6087


Byers Choice Carolers 2000 Christmas Caroler w/lantern


Byers Choice Horse Dark Brown Leather Horse Figure Rare Christmas For Caroler


Byer's Choice LTD Christmas Carolers 1997 Man Feeding Birds on Bench


1996-1998 Byers' Choice Christmas Carolers Doll Set Of 3 Victorian Ladies JR6090


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Nautical Christmas Tree Shells and Starfish 2018 *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Man Skating on White Base 1993 33/100 Ice Skates *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Boy with Christmas Tree 1991 *


Byers Choice Caroler Man with Christmas Tree and Wreath 1987 *


BYERS CHOICE Carolers - 1990 Man Holding Christmas Tree Signed Base 12.5"


Byers Choice Caroler A Xmas Carol Spirit Ghost of Christmas Future w Hang Tag *




BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Teen Age Boy with Christmas Tree 1996 *


Byers Choice Caroler Man with Village Christmas House *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER 16th President Abraham Abe Lincoln *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Victorian Woman w Presents Wreath Cookie 1997 *


Byers Choice Caroler Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Boy Gold Beads Garland 2015 *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Boy with Christmas Tree 1984*


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Family with Wreaths Woman with Christmas Wreath 2011 *


Byers Choice Caroler Ugly Christmas Sweater Family Man w Greens Wine 2015 *


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Manor House Footman 2013 *


Byers Choice Caroler Man with Christmas Wreath 4/100 1992*


Vintage 1999 Byers Choice Christmas Caroler Traditional Shopper Doll +Box JR6086


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Victorian Woman w Tray of Post Cards & Sheet Music 2000 *


Byers Choice Caroler Man w Christmas Village House 2007 Green Sweater *


Byers Choice Caroler Victorian Boy with Candy Canes Basket of Xmas Cards 1989*


BYERS CHOICE CAROLER Girl Gathering Holly Christmas Illusion Hang Tag*


Byers Choice Caroler Red Velvet Mrs. Claus Decorating w Xmas Lights 2013 *


Byers Choice Caroler Mailman Postman w Postcard Package & Bag *